Tuesday, December 05, 2006

An Appology from The Empress

Okay, people (pretending that there are, indeed, people reading this...) I'm sorry I haven't posted lately (you know, at all). I'm sorry I've disappeared without explanation. I'm sorry I haven't fulfilled my promise to provide knitting porn at regular intervals.

Life has intervened. However, really, that's no excuse.

To that end, I will attempt to mollify you with a picture of my most-recently-finished project, shown still in its construction phase here:

I've named it The Empress, and someday soon (not too soon, but before Christmas) I'll post more about her, and the other things that have been keeping my fingers busy.
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PS. I really love Picasa. I highly recommend it. Photo today (and probably from now on) courtesy of Picasa.


Kristi said...

Looks neat ... I'm looking forward to the details!

Anonymous said...

yay, you have returned from the deep dark gnerdy beyond! now you must have a spinning post. not to mention cable surgery, geez!