Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Diet Time

As in, yarn diet. As in, no more yarn. Period.

What brings on this radical stance, you ask? Well, I just did bills for the last few months. I've got this system where I don't budget, and instead save all my receipts, plug them into Excel, and figure out what needs to change. Usually I do pretty well, and my spending habits only need minor tweaking - plus, since this is normally done every month, my spending can't get too out of control without my noticing.

Except, of course, I haven't had time since August to do bills. Having just remedied this problem, I've come to a startling revelation:

I'm spending more money on yarn than on food. And, I just bought a spinning wheel (oh, yeah, post to follow about that soon).

Therefore, I will not be buying yarn. Much as I may love fondling it and making it do my bidding, I've found that food is a much better source of sustenance.

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Kristi said...

Oooo! Spinning wheel! Tell me more!