Saturday, November 18, 2006

Top Three Ways to Murder a Klog

1. Don't Post [check]
2. Post, but don't talk about knitting [check]
3. Post, talk about knitting, but don't post pictures [check]

I've been seriously swamped lately, leading to not posting in general. I just wanted to reassure you all (ha, like there are actually people reading this!) that I'm still alive and that the Klog will eventually be resurrected - probably in the next week or so, with a weekly posting schedule.

Please check back for details.


Anonymous said...


Kap'n Kanoe said...

Ze Rezurrection vill be glorivs!

Keep vp ze good klog vork (Ze knitting keeps me feet varm ovt on ze kold kold ocean).

Vhen yov arrrrren't so buzy, of covrse.