Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A True Knitter

Rather than writing about my own knitting (and spinning, whee!) life, I think I'm going to dedicate this post to my friend, roommate, and fellow Knitter, Nova.

Nova and I met through a mutual friend, who decided we should start hanging out because we both knit. I believe her exact words may have been: "You knit, and she knits. You should knit together."

At our first meeting, we went to The Weaving Works and spent a good hour simply walking through the store fondling the yarn. At the time I talked her into buying some yarn for a pattern she'd just seen.

Two years later, this is how far she's gotten (I think it's supposed to end up a sweater):

There are lots of things that make us look at each other and say, "And those differences are what makes the world so great." We just have wildly different tastes, styles, and world views. She's a process Knitter, I'm a project Knitter. She's a project cooker, I'm a process cooker. She's quite liberal and a little bit pink, I'm pretty much a libertarian.

Also, remember the yarn I mentioned buying on eBay in this post and how I ended up receiving clown-puke yarn instead? (Okay, I know you don't, but the main words you should pull out of that were: "CLOWN-PUKE YARN")

Nova loves it. She said it reminded her of decomposing leaves and was therefore very desirable. She bought it off of me. She'd even have its babies if it were possible and she actually wanted babies. I caught her making out with it once...

Seriously, though, Nova is one cool chick. She knits things like this sock, with awesome colors, fair isling, and other lovely stuff.

And this? This is her sock yarn stash. We didn't have time to break into her real stash.

So, in other words, Nova rocks. Seriously. And she deserves the title Knitter, with a capital 'K'. Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

awwww...*blush*. oh, and I have actually made more progress on the sweater than that. but i haven't worked on it since before Justin and I split, so I don't think it really counts ;)