Sunday, October 22, 2006

I Humbly Apologize

Of course, if I thought I had more than one reader, I might actually feel guiltier about not posting sooner. If ever there was a time to start commenting...

Anyway, while the technology problem that has up to now prevented pictures on this klog has not been fixed, it has been hacked. So without further ado, I give you some knitting pr0n:

This is all the sock yarn currently in my stash. It's not much, but...oh, the possibilities. There will be more someday when I can afford it (and have the time to fondle it stash has been very neglected as late).

After taking pictures of all the yarn individually, I realized the yarn had gathered itself together, and done a much better job than I had setting it out. Really, I like to think of my yarn as progressive--the Sockotta is more than willing to snuggle up to the Trekking XXL, and they'll both welcome in the Regia...

My stash doesn't yet rival Kristi's or Cookie's, and while I don't remember pictures of the full stash (I hear it's hard to get the stash in one place for pictures) of The Harlot, I know she's got miles on me. As a side note, anyone want to hazard a guess as to which blogs I check every single day multiple times a day (just in case)? Still, I'm young. I'm poor. I just started knitting socks this spring.

Soon there will be a post of the socks I've knit since then. I warn you, I started my sock craze with Pomatomus, and kind of went on from there. I also made up the patterns for my other socks. And I slightly modified the Great Pomatomus for my own ends (and heels).

I think I'll leave you all (all one of you...) with a picture of my next pair of socks.

Envy me. You know you want to.


Kristi said...

You know, your stash is nothing to sniff at either!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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