Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bad Blogger, No Cookie

So...hi there. I...um. Well, I haven't been around lately, you know? I got a little caught up in the graduating and the traveling and the continued traveling and the finding of a new apartment and before I knew it, months had passed.


How embarrassing.

Now, however, I'm in the middle of packing (I move tomorrow, so you'd think I'd be near the end of packing, but unfortunately I'm actually closer to the beginning of packing...it should be noted that blogging is apparently not conducive to packing).

In all the time I've been away, I've been knitting, of course. I've finished a couple things, I've started more than a couple things, I've spun some yarn...speaking of, let's have some yarn pr0n, shall we?

This is the first thing I spun on my wheel, and I'm calling it cotton candy, although to be honest I don't think I've ever seen cotton candy in either green or yellow. Still...I mixed the colors, I get to call it whatever I want, right?

Of course, being a bad blogger I completely forgot to take pictures of the roving, the plies, or the process, nor have I yet photographed the hat that I made out of this yarn. Let me simply say that I'm trying, I'll get better...someday.

Also, I've been relatively good about only spinning fiber I already had, such as this soy silk that was just sitting around minding its own business.

Oh, who am I kidding? I totally bought more fiber to play with - over a pound just a month ago, even though I still had plenty of fiber stashed away. Once again, though - bad blogger, no pictures, and now that fiber, at least, is packed, and there's no way on this Earth that I'm going to start unpacking just so I can take a picture to further procrastinate on the packing front. No siree bobby. You're just going to have to wait until I unpack it on the other end.

In other news, packing up my knitting has been a bit of a humbling experience. The yarn is once again taking up a significant percentage of the total volume of my possessions, and as for works-in-progress...well, let's just say I have more than two boxes worth of those.

So...here's my new resolution: I will finish things. I will not start new things until I've finished at least three things per new thing I want to knit. I will not buy knitting supplies unless they are necessary to finish something. I will not buy new yarn or new fiber until the hundred-something gallon tub I use to contain my stash actually has air space in it.

Any takers on whether I'll actually be able to stick to this? No? Smart readers. Still, it should help to at least think I have a plan.

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