Friday, April 27, 2007

New Look

Or, muchos kudos to my sister, who is awesome in so many ways. She drew this icon for me when I was having a bad day and told her I wanted something for my blog:

That was several months ago. It is a testament to how wonderful she is that, in the past several months, she has only said once, "So, I thought you were going to put that picture up on your blog...?" And she used the gentlest voice when she asked, too.

Sister, this one's for you!


Duchess said...

G. I tried to email you, but the email I have for you is wrong I guess, it got rejected. Anyway, I would rather not put the exact location of where I live in the internet, but I'd be happy to tell you if you want to email me. It is within reasonalbe distoance of Weaving Works. Here is (minus the place details) the email I sent you.

I'll think about dropping by to meet the Knitting Mafia (sounds interesting) but it will have to wait until after the quarter is over, as I have class on Thurs. nights. Email me a reminder in June if you think of it.

Thanks for the invite, I love meeting the cyber friendly knitting croud.


The Sister said...

Hey, I love you, too.

It's a testament to how crazy things have been on my end that I didn't even realize that you had made a few more posts on your blog! (The picture of Chris is great!)

Keep up the good work!