Saturday, August 25, 2007

Of Course

Those of you who have been following closely might have noticed that in my last post, I swore off buying any new yarn or starting any new projects until a reasonable dent had been put into my unfinished projects and my stash in general.

This week, I bought three skeins of Cascade 220. And promptly started planning a new project with them.

"Why?" I hear you asking. No, really, I do hear it - I'm hiding in that closet behind you as you read this.

Okay, that was a fib.

Anyway, the reason behind the complete disregard for my latest yarn fast vow is that, a week and a half later, I'm only halfway through moving. All of my stuff is out of my old apartment...but nothing is in my new apartment. In fact, my new apartment has the old tenants still living in it.

That turn of events was highly unexpected, by the way. It all boils down to a big snafu on the part of the leasing office, but what it means is that I packed everything I owned (and I do mean everything) with the intention of unpacking it the next day, or at the very least with the knowledge that if I wanted to unpack it, I could do so the next day.

Instead, my stuff is in storage. For two more weeks.

This includes not only all my clothes, my books, and my linens, it includes my yarn and projects. For two more weeks.

Now do you have some sympathy for my plight? Can you forgive me for breaking my yarn fast vow before even a week had passed?

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