Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Seriously? So sorry.

Apparently, in my last post I promised that "A better, more coherent, yarn-pr0n-filled entry will be forthcoming in the next week."

As that post was from September and it is now February, I think we can all figure out that this did not happen. Nor, I fear, will it happen tonight.

However, my Dear Readers (all none of you...), I have a solution! I will add blogging to my ToDo list, which means I'll be constantly reminded of it and will actually have a chance in hell of making it happen. Double plus because my phone happens to carry my ToDo list as well as a camera, so there's a much higher chance of getting real pictures! Of Knitting! Regularly!

I did mention not very coherent, right?

Okay, ToDo item created. Which reminds me (and I'm sorry, but this next paragraph will have nothing to do with yarn or knitting at all), do you know what my favorite thing in Outlook is? It allows you to have repeating ToDo items, like water the plants or refill X prescription, at any frequency you can think of. But wait, it gets better! Because you can also set the recurrence to happen from the time you complete the task. So, for example, I have a ToDo about vacuuming my apartment (Hi, my name is Elisabeth and I'm anal retentive), and I have it set to regenerated for 2 weeks from the last time I completed vacuuming my apartment. This is utterly awesome, because frankly it usually takes me more than 2 weeks to get around to vacuuming, and this way I only have one ToDo on the list nagging me about it. Fantastico!

Okay, I'm done raving about Outlook. Frankly, that's the first thing I've found that I thought was worth raving about, so I figured I'd share.

Alright, now for some pictures of yarn/knitting:

...apparently the universe hates me right now. Blogger is hanging on uploading my pictures.

I'm sorry, I guess you'll all (ha!) just have to wait until the next time I post, when I and my electronics will hopefully have our acts together.


Duchess said...

Hey, nice to hear from you!

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