Monday, May 12, 2008

It's not yarn...yet...

I've been doing pretty good with the whole Yarn Diet thing. I bought a few skeins of yarn last month as a reward for getting through a particularly heinous project at work, but other than that I've refrained from buying yarn for several months now. Frankly, I'm pretty proud of myself.

Or, at least, I was, until I went to the Weaving Works sale this weekend.

I might have had a minor falling down. In my defense, I didn't buy yarn, per se...I bought a couple pounds of fiber, which will take quite a long time to become yarn, which....

...I'm not helping my case, am I?

Okay, I'm going to give up. Someday I'll remember to take pictures and post them here, but for now at least I managed to write.

1 comment:

The Sister said...

Gasp! And to think you never showed me this fiber when I was at your apartment! (Granted, I think I was only there for a minute, and very tired, or maybe I haven't been there since you bought the fiber...).

Well, my righteous irritation is quickly dissipating.

Seriously, though - I want to see that fiber.